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Go on a coupon savings adventure with Uncle Buck and Jo, two avid couponaholics that know where and how to shop. They get all the great deals and you can too!

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Welcome to Couponaholic...

A little corner of the world dedicated to saving you a lot of money through the use of free coupons and shopping the sales. You will now get satisfaction out of shopping.

Yes, I will admit it. I am a Couponaholic. Really no different than a chocoholic (I think I am one of those, too!). If there is a coupon out there, I want it. I want to use it. I want to get what I am buying for FREE when I use it. If I can't use a coupon when I purchase something, I don't buy it until either I get a coupon or it is on sale. I get free coupons from everywhere. From my neighbors, my co-workers, even the clerks at the local convenience stores. There are a lot of free coupons to be found online too. We recommend getting some from Coupons.comto get you started. The more coupons, the merrier, and the more savings.

Anyone can save money with coupons and we can show you how. All it takes is time, some organizations and of course, plenty of COUPONS! Be sure to check out the column Coupon Adventures. Written by 2 avid Couponaholics, you will be amazed at the deals they come across and get!

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